NWF’s International Wildlife Conservation program believes that working with companies to help them improve their supply chains is key to achieving a more sustainable future, free from deforestation, human-rights abuses and other harmful practices. Consumers like you have the capacity to shift the attitudes and behaviors of even the most powerful companies. Join the Sustainable Consumer Movement and show companies that you will not stand for destructive practices by demanding more sustainable and reponsible products.

Check out our past campaigns. It’s never too late to take action!

Demand Sustainable Chocolate for Valentine’s Day 

Don’t let king colobus monkeys vanish. This Valentine’s Day, show your love for wildlife and sign our letter to chocolate manufacturers demanding truly sustainable chocolate.

Help End Palm Oil Deforestation to Save Sumatran Tigers 

Scientists estimate that there are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. These critically endangered big cats are being driven to extinction by a common ingredient in candy—unsustainable palm oil.

Save the Forest Elephant and Stop Deforestation 

By supporting companies that practice responsible wood sourcing, we’re creating an economic incentive for sustainability that can help save forest elephants’ vital habitat. Will you commit to ending deforestation and sign our open letter to furniture retailers?

I’m Standing Up for the Amazon and its Wildlife

The Amazon fires have galvanized the world to help protect rainforests, and you can be a part of it. Sign the petition to demand American companies immediately stop sourcing any products linked to the fires and deforestation.

2021 Easter Scorecard

The 2021 Easter Scorecard analyzes how the world’s biggest cocoa traders and chocolate manufacturers are addressing social and environmental benchmarks.